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Whether you are using hot oil and fryers at home or if you work in a restaurant, always use good safety measures when using them. Know the proper use and the maintenance of your deep fryer.
Use caution when working around hot oil. Deep frying oil begins with temperatures of over 400 °F. Choose your oil according to what you will be cooking or frying with. Like all oils, cooking oils are highly flammable. If you use peanut, sunflower or soybean oils, keep in mind they heat up quicker and are used for high temperature frying.

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Tips to Keeping Safe When Using Fryers

  • Use a digital probe thermometer to see how hot the oil is before adding food.
  • Use long tongs or a frying basket to add and remove food from fryer.
  • Protective equipment like oven mitts and pot holders can be used when lifting baskets out of the oil, steam gloves should be worn when filtering or changing the oil.
  • When reaching above the fryer to clean the vent filters, allow sufficient time for the oil to cool down to reduce the risk of burns.  Let the oil cool down before filtering, if using a manual filter. A built-in filtration system can be used when the oil is still hot.
  • Do not overfill or pour excessive amounts of frozen food into deep fryer at one time. Overfilling causes splashing and bubbling over of hot oil. This will also happen if there is excess water or ice on your food.
  • Do not drop baskets or food items into the fryer. Fry baskets and whole food items need to be lowered into the hot oil with care. Dropping items in will make the oil splash and potentially burn the operator.
  • Keep the floor area clean and dry. An oily or wet floor can cause workers to slip and fall.
  • Shoes with slip resistant treads as well as closed toes will help protect users from harm.
  • Extinguish hot oil and/or grease fires with fire extinguisher.

Keep your cooks safe with proper training

What Restaurants Can Do to Keep Their Cooks Safe

From burns and carbon monoxide poisoning, restaurant owners and managers can implement safety by:

  • Ensure that employees who work with commercial fryers are properly trained on operating and cleaning procedures and are comfortable working around hot oil.
  • Higher quality fryer oil, like canola oil, is less likely to splash or splatter while frying foods. Oil quality and type also determines the flavor and nutritional value of the food, such as peanut or sunflower oil which heat up quicker.
  • Placing non-slip floor mats around the fryer will decrease the chance of an employee from slipping while working around the fryer or carrying oil.
  • Have a Class K fire extinguisher. Class K fire extinguishers use a dry chemical to put out grease and oil fires. Class K extinguishers are the only type approved in commercial kitchens.
  • Replace older fryers with new commercial fryers that have built-in filtration systems, basket lifts and more efficient exhaust vents.

So whether you are a top chef at home or at your neighborhood bistro, take these preventative measures when using fryers. Are there any other tips you would give us? Share them with us on social!

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