Whether you run a restaurant or convenience retail store, food freshness is one of the essentials for your commercial refrigeration. This is why we have compiled a list of tips to help ensure you’re freezing your food properly.

Setting The Walk-In Freezer Temperature

The best way to determine what the true temperature would be is to immerse a floating aquarium thermometer in a vase of water inside the walk-in freezer. This will give a more accurate reading to the current set point. The FDA recommends setting the freezer somewhere between -10 or 0 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum performance.

If you find your food or product freezing, the last thing you want to do is to change the temperature. Try adjusting your shelving positions before making any temperature adjustment.

If adjusting the shelving does not solve the problem, ensure the condenser coil is clean. If there is no change, and the compressor is running continuously, there may be a problem with the control system.

Adjusting the Walk-In Freezer Shelves

Consideration should be given to these factors prior to lowering the temperature of your walk-in freezer:

1. Each degree you lower the temperature will use more energy which leads to higher bills.

2. Compressor run times will increase which decreases the life of the walk-in freezer equipment.

3. The possibility of freezing product or iced coils will increase. Your product loss wastes time and money and is probably not covered by any equipment warranties.

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