commercial kitchen layout setup

First off, there is more than one right way to layout a kitchen. Unfortunately, there are even more ways to do it wrong. A basic commercial kitchen layout should make workflow the most important component.

Whether you install the cooking equipment against a wall, on an island or a combination of both, make sure it works for the kitchen staff and your restaurant. Efficiency in every move is the goal. You can’t cut the time it takes to cook food properly, so the only place you can trim is in the preparation and serving time. A proper commercial kitchen layout saves time.

Proper Product Placement

If your raw ingredients are in a refrigerator or freezer on the other side of the kitchen, that’s time wasted. If clean dishes are more than an arm’s length away from the cook, that’s time wasted. All those lost seconds add up to minutes and sooner or later will lead to a breakdown in flow and backed up orders.

Set up stations and equip those stations with the tools to keep the kitchen humming. A chef base refrigerator with pull-out drawers allows for near immediate access to food as soon as orders pop up. A chef base allows for countertop cooking equipment, so all the cook has to do is reach down, get what they need and start cooking.

Put sinks in the prep areas to avoid having to wash items in one area and cut them in another.

Sinks in the prep area avoid having to wash items in one area and cut them in another. Servers should have easy access to the finished plates and a clear path to the dining room.

While the exact placement of your cooking equipment depends on the type of food you prepare and the space you have to work with, the ultimate layout should always create a natural flow.

Whether you want to outfit a full restaurant kitchen or need a specific item, Schubert Equipment has the products and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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