Restaurant Equipment

Food safety is a restaurant’s most important responsibility. Stick to the basic food-handling rules and remember that proper restaurant equipment keeps food safe.

Bacteria are the culprits of most food-borne illnesses. The goal is to keep bacteria in check. You can do this with cold or heat. Bacteria grow best between 40 degrees and 140 degrees.

Keep food out of this zone to avoid bacterial growth. Check kitchen refrigerators and set the temperature to the proper level. Cooked food should not fall below 140 degrees. Keep items hot using the right warming equipment. This guideline applies to hot liquid items like stews, soups and even gravy. A commercial quality cooker/warmer will have the power to keep hot liquids out of the danger zone. Don’t use equipment meant for the home. These items are not made to handle the rigors of a commercial restaurant. Remember, the right restaurant equipment keeps food safe.

Wash Your Hands

Dirty hands are one of the major causes of food contamination. Wash hands thoroughly and often. How long should you wash? Twenty seconds is enough to get hands clean. Can’t count that high? Hum “Mary Had A Little Lamb” while you wash.

wash your hands thoroughly and often to avoid food contamination.

A hand washing sink is an essential piece of restaurant equipment. Wash hands after touching raw food, sneezing or coughing. Wash hands right after a smoke break or meal break. Handling raw food while bare handed is not uncommon. Most bacteria can’t survive proper cooking. But never handle prepared foods with bare hands. Use tongs, wear gloves or use other utensils to handle prepared food.

Don’t let sick workers anywhere near the food. Sick workers can easily turn into sick customers. Numerous cases of outbreaks lead back to sick workers preparing food.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial oven or a hand washing sink, Schubert Equipment has the products and knowledge you need.

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