Customers at a food truck.

Operating a food truck is not as easy as it looks. Everything must be planned and prepared as with any dining establishment.

This preparation requires sturdy, reliable equipment that’s easy to maintain. Since space in a food truck is at a premium, you’ll need only the essential food truck equipment.

Before you make any purchases, draw a rough layout of your food truck and the equipment you will need. Include the dimensions of your space. This layout helps you decide what you need and what is not needed. As experts in the food service equipment industry, we at Schubert Equipment Sales have put together a list of common food truck equipment:

  • Work Tables: Some trucks are larger than others, but even smaller trucks should have some counter-top workspace, even if it’s a matter of inches. Stainless steel is preferred as it’s easier to keep clean.
  • Sinks: Even if you can scrub pots and pans somewhere else, utensils, hands and workspaces need cleaning throughout the day. Health and food laws require sinks in most jurisdictions. Check your state for the proper regulations for sinks in food preparation areas.
  • Refrigeration: Food requires storage at certain temperatures otherwise it spoils. This spoilage could lead to possible foodborne illness at the worst and loss of inventory at the least. Food trucks don’t have the room for bulky refrigerators. Look for units that maximize space and are reliable.

Stainless steel work tables are preferred as they are easier to keep clean.

  • Stoves/Grills: In your layout, keep all hot items like griddles, fryers and ovens to the same area. Keep cool preparation areas separate to avoid burns and other accidents.
  • Custom Items: Depending on the food you serve, you may need smaller appliances like toasters, soup kettles or microwaves. Remember to make room for everything you need.

If you have any questions about food truck equipment do not hesitate to contact us. Schubert Equipment is a leader in the food service equipment industry.

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