Sidewalk sign

With the internet and mobile advertising popping off all around us, you might think “old-fashioned” advertising methods like sidewalk signs are marketing relics.

But in our experience, this “old-school” advertising is one of the most effective methods for a restaurant or convenience store to draw in new customers affordably. These signs also help businesses brand and promote themselves. Take a look at some of the ways sidewalk signs help small businesses.

Appealing to First-Time Customers

Studies show that up to 45 percent of new customers to a business are drawn in by a sign, according to a report.

Sidewalk signs are a great way for restaurants to broadcast their daily specials. Convenience stores can advertise drink or food specials. The signs appeal to impulse buyers looking for a good deal at lunch or on gas and sodas. If these new customers like their experience, chances are they’ll be back.

Budget Friendly and Changeable

A sidewalk sign cost anywhere from under $100 to about $250. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t much. And unlike a billboard or a traditional ad, you can change the message almost instantly.

45% of new customers to a business are drawn in by a sign.

Branding Purposes

Business owners need to pay constant attention to their brands. Sidewalk signs help. Even if potential customers don’t stop the first time they see your sign, if they pass it often it becomes akin to a siren song and the “Rule of Seven” kicks in. The “Rule of Seven” is a marketing concept that says a potential customer should see a marketing message seven times before they buy. Signs out on the sidewalk are an inexpensive and smart way to do this.

Types of Signs

There are several types of sidewalk signs available including the sandwich board, the tripod and the round base. If you have an empty outdoor wall, you could hang a sign. The type of sign you get can also depend on your business. A sidewalk café may want to go with a chalkboard sandwich sign. A youth clothing store may go with a neon board. Whichever board you decide on, remember it’s a part of your marketing efforts. Make it look inviting and be creative.

Sidewalk signs don’t cost much but can deliver a powerful boost to your bottom line. Schubert Equipment carries a wide variety of signs in multiple styles. Contact us today to find out which type of sign will increase your business.