Kids buying food from a food truck.

Food truck vendors want to keep customers coming back with their creative menus and original dishes. Part of successfully maintaining a steady stream of clients is keeping up with market demands. Below are some of the most prevalent food truck trends of 2016 so you can take control of the market.

1. Ethnic Cuisine and Spices

Food trucks are increasingly experimenting with new cuisine types and flavors. As more types of ethnic foods are accepted as mainstream, food truck producers are incorporating new taste groups. These exotic flavors have the ability to leave a more lasting impression on your customers.

2. Artisanal Dishes

Artisan ice cream, bread, and new cuts of meat are quickly becoming one of the newest food truck trends. Environmentally aware and hand-crafted items are artisanal. These dishes are enough to feed several thousand visitors to a large event or the lunch crowd. These small batches are made in kitchens and not in factories. Food truck owners are creating interesting flavors unique to their individual concept.

3. Sustainable Seafood and Fish

As environmental sustainability has become important for customers, they expect the same from their food trucks. Customers will see new types of seafood, from algae to scallops. As a food trucker, you will be questioned about the sources of your seafood and the sustainability of the farms production. One of the most recent food dishes to emerge on food trucks is Poke, which is chunks of tuna soaked in sesame oil and soy.

4. Non-processed Hyper-Local Food Sourcing

Locally sourced foods mean everything in 2016. Food truckers are increasingly partnering with producers and growers, and even turning to farming themselves. The biggest benefits consumers get include wholesome ingredients, intense flavors, and more reliable connection between eaters, food truckers, and producers. Customers will be excited to know your amazing jam was made from local ingredients.

5. New Cuts Of Meat

Customers are fed up with the traditional options of turkey and chicken and are willing to experiment with new cuts of red meat. It is not unusual to spot pastrami or steak prepared in a unique manner. Food truckers have been forced to find wholesale suppliers for new, specialized varieties of meat.

Food trucks are increasingly experimenting with new cuisine types... Exotic flavors leave a lasting impression on customers.

6. Healthy Kids Meals

Food trucks are expected to have sufficient and healthy kids meals. It is no longer the norm to just have one or two set dishes for children. Parents want low cost, healthy meals to feed their children. Food truckers are recommended to make their traditional dishes available in child-sized portions for the greatest selection possible.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial that food truckers keep up with the latest food truck trends. Not only do you need to be informed about what is happening in the industry, but you also need to equip your food truck with proper shelving and the right equipment to match up to the increased demand for new dishes and flavors. Adapt your food truck to evolving market and your business will remain profitable in the long term. For more on the latest food truck equipment and supplies, contact us today.

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