conveyor oven

A tasty pizza comes off the conveyor belt. It’s quickly taken to the customers. For a moment, they wonder how it was cooked so quickly. Then, they just enjoy it. And they decide they’ll come back.

At Schubert Equipment, we want your customers to enjoy good food. And we know they don’t want to wait for it. We offer a fast and efficient conveyor oven to help you keep that good food coming to your customers.

High Efficiency Ovens

Conveyor ovens are an efficient way to cook large volumes of food. Even a small countertop model can cook a lot of food quickly, making it an excellent choice for convenience stores, food stands, food trucks, and many restaurants.

They also help to create an efficient workplace. One person can stand at one end to put the food in, while another removes cooked food from the other end. Since these ovens don’t need constant attention while cooking, employees can multitask and get more done.

High Quality Ovens

Because the food moves on a conveyor belt while it is being cooked, it browns more evenly than in it would in a conventional oven. In commercial cooking, it’s important that ovens brown food evenly.

These ovens also excel at achieving consistent food quality. Every item cooked in one of them moves at the same speed and receives the same heating.

They are most useful for food service enterprises that quickly produce large quantities of food items that can be cooked together. They are excellent for making pizzas. They can also be used for many other types of food, including pretzels, breads, sandwiches, chicken wings, and deserts.

Impingement Conveyor Ovens

Like other conveyor ovens, impingement ovens move food on conveyor belts. However, they cook food even more quickly and evenly because they blow powerful and directed jets of hot air onto the food from above and below, blowing cold air away from it. They’re also excellent for consistent food quality.

Conveyor Ovens are an efficient way to cook large volumes of food.

Schubert Equipment offers an impingement conveyor oven that fits on a countertop. It allows precise control of temperature. There are two options for the length of the conveyor belt, and the belt’s direction can be changed.

This durable and well-made model is designed to last a long time and be cleaned easily. It can cook a wide variety of food and handle high volumes.

This model is a good choice for food stands, food trucks, convenience store counters, and other commercial kitchens with limited space. Two of them can be stacked, and they usually will not need ventilation.

Schubert Equipment is a leader in the food service equipment industry. If you’re looking for high-quality professional countertop equipment, go to our products page and contact us today.