Loving pizza is good, normal, healthy, an ordinary obsession that involves no involvement of therapists or mental-health counselors. But when pizza lovers start turning to more exotic toppings, then you have to wonder. That’s when talk turns to the most unusual pizzas. Anchovies? OK, maybe just a colorful personality. Jalapeño peppers? Sure, just living on […]

Gooey cheese. Hot dripping sauce. Onions. Green peppers. Sausage. Pepperoni. Black olives. Mushrooms. Bacon. A few jalapeno peppers. Or, for the avant-garde, some spinach or zucchini. And how about some anchovies? Or, for the downright rebellious, toss on some chorizo, pistachios, carrots or fungi. It is pizza, dude! And we at Schubert Equipment Sales love […]